National register for biologic treatment in rheumatic diseases in Finland (ROB-FIN) is a nation-wide
prospective cohort study aiming to provide observational data on safety, effectiveness and costs of biologic treatments in routine healthcare. With follow-up dating back to 1999, data collection has so far been based on paper data collection sheets.


Faced with ever increasing number of patients and data items, the need for electronic data collection was soon recognized. With that in mind, the ROB-FIN research group saw potential in the GoTreatIT® patient monitoring system, which enables structured data acquisition of a large variety of treatment related variables comprising clinical evaluations, laboratory values, patient reported outcomes as well as medication regimens.


Moreover, the data collection no longer increases the workload of already tightly scheduled clinicians and other health professionals in rheumatology as the software is to a large extent integrated into daily clinical practice of the out-patient clinics in Finland. DiaGraphIT®, the developer behind GoTreatIT® has attentively listened to our development suggestions and regularly updated the software. As a result, the system is serving as an ever improving practical scientific tool for register based research.


Dan Nordström                              Kalle Aaltonen

MD, PhD , Ass Prof, Rheumatologist       MD, PhD , Ass Prof, Rheumatologist

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