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- We are extending the capabilities of our system

DiaGraphIT has recently signed a contract with one of Europe’s largest data analytics research organisations, the Insight Centre of Data Analytics. The collaboration aims to assess connected health devices for use in chronic disease treatment. 

- DiaGraphIT is interested in extending the capabilities of GoTreatIT with the use of personal-sensing devices to collect data for monitoring physical activity and physiological condition, explains Tone Speilberg Birkenes, managing director in DiaGraphIT.

At the present there are no standardised methods for identifying, comparing and evaluating the numerous technologies available on the market to achieve this. The Insight Centre for Data Analytics will carry out a systematic analysis of the devices that could potentially be used by DiaGraphIT and ultimately produce a recommendation of one or more of these as an appropriate device.

- The expected outcome is to increase the value of the product by including sensors to our GoTreatIT solutions. The aim is to increase quality of care.


The team is committed to developing the best solutions to systematically follow up on patient care.

Speilberg Birkenes, Contact Tone

Managing Director

I am working as the Managing director for DiaGraphIT, a Software Company focused on developing clinical ICT-tools with an overall aim to improve quality of care. The DiaGraphIT team consists of experienced and resourceful ICT- developers and me.

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